Friday, April 15, 2005


another man day .......planning to do some micro reading.......i am starting from the begining(DD & SS) so that i get an clearer picture......need to improve my math too..if i knew one concept in math very well, i could do wonders because knowing a concept fully allows you to make analysis economics, the usual concepts needed are(broadly) calculus,matrices,optimization.....there is another fantastic section known as econometrics,which deals with the use of statistical analysis in economic modelling-which contributes to the emperical verification of the theory or model.
the books in ascending order of reading in econometrics are
BASIC ECONOMETRICS by Damodar Gujarati
Gujarati can take you through the basics very well.
in india, specifically south india,students doing their undergrad in economics dont know either about econometrics nor mathematical least hope they know both are different .
i am planning to do the following
MA eco from delhi university
Msc econometrics and mathematical economics from UK
PHd from USA
as of now these are my plans... not considering them to change in the future.for those who are planning to do a doctorate abroad, take as many math papers you can in your master's.score well too....mere opting is not enough.
hoping i make some progress with my micro today
cheers to all those pursuing economics


Annette said...

woah....ok this is really deep...i didnt know all this until i visited ur blog...i hope ur dreams do come true of going 2 da best econ Uni in UK ya? :)

Anonymous said...

Alex why are u reading econometrics when u dont need it for the entrances?

alex said...

Well Apoorva,
The basics of econometrics is regression, i will be going through that and hypothesis testing with type1 and type2 errors and things like that.