Friday, April 15, 2005


i am proud to be doin my BA economics . economics is all i wanted to do.the problem in india is that the teaching is carried on in a very theoretical way not relating the same to the economic phenomena. very little math is being taught.alas!planning to do a masters after this.i feel blogging is one way of putting ones thoughts to n number of persons.most people get bored by reading economics , what a sad state!

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Anonymous said...

well dude its nice to kno tht u like eco sooo much but ppl have their own passion.....just like u ve got urs...n its nice to kno tht u r follwoing tht.. i beleive tht by following ur passion ur dream ull be satified in life...n will make a differnece somehow n wnt get tired of life...its a blessing to have realised wht u really want from life soo early ...n tht u have so many ways to follow it n ppl to support u dude...anywaz...all the best with ur aim in life...GOD BLESS U
ur well wisher