Monday, April 18, 2005

the answer lies in economics!

well,when i went to the railway station yesterday, i was told that things are real easy NOW because the railways are now computerised.has this really increased the efficiency of the people in a totalitarian sense.has these been made available to the public? the economists sitting in top of the ladder creates policies for welfare improvement......but as it climbs down, it falls apart...not reaching the bottom of the ladder!when ever a policy is introduced, be it railway concession or any other concession made so as to improve the welfare of people,it neither reaches the strata of population in penury nor are they aware of such a scheme.the rich class remains the same, if not richer.....but the middle class tends to gain.....what about the poor?resulting in the inequalities in the distribution of income and wealth increase(does the poor have wealth?) here in india we dont even have a proper definition for the poverty line!!!!
i feel an answer to this problem can be given by economists.......the local self goverments must be made more should look after the welfare of the people under it by formulating policies applicable to that particular region only......i feel all LSG's should employ a graduate in economics who has experience in policy making!presently the panchayats are looked down upon...this has to undergo a transition!the presence of an economist in an institution helps in the transition!

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Anonymous said...

hmm oh well...about the poverty line....i always thought tht poverty means ppl who cant afford even the basic nessecities of life....and about the government supporting the lifes of the poor...i dnt expcet the govt to do tht b'coz for a country like india...i dnt think its got enough resoucres to support all the poor in the country...