Monday, April 18, 2005

Poverty lines?

The definition as given by the UN for poverty is a minimum intake of approximately 250 calories. so if u ask a statistician he would place the amount of those under the poverty line in india between 40 to 45 % but actually it comes to more han 60%! can you imagine that???its an astounding fact.well you mentioned food, shelter and you not feel that education comes under the basic necessities, well it does and if the individual lives in polluted place but he has all the basic necessities????
first we i.e india needs to define the word poverty for itself as conditions in different places are kerala the inequalities are the minimum regarding incomes.
well we indians have resources.all our brains are working in foreign countries , developing it, as they are being paid in dollars & euros. india spends so much of resources on education and this is what happens.very few of them do the is not everything in life!
if the markets cannot give the remedy to the problems of the nation like poverty, unemployment then an external body has to involve itself and that is the GOI(govt of india).why do we pay taxes?because we are responsible.why are elections held?its a democracy and the people who rule us have been elected by us!
according to the UN human development report, indian has been ranked somewhere around 136. what a shame!HDI(human development index) takes into account life expectancy, infant mortality rate, sex ratio, etc.
we might be growing at about 7% of GDP but it can be either due to inflation or a population explosion.what do the lay men know of GDP, the intricacies involved,when it is seen that GDP has grown they think india is growing...where is the growth seen,the poor are still the same..its a saddening sight...hope we make a difference to this sad state as indians!

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you we need to define poverty.
The write-up is very much with agreeable line as far as I think.
But, I wud beg to differ on one point.
U said, money is not everything. I will say money is a wonderful tool of excahnge & the problems in world are mostly connected to the lack of money.
Most people in india invest in education primarily to earn more money. It is economic interest primarily. Anything that cannot reward financially will not sustain itself in the long run. Hence the brain drain cannot be stopped unless adequate rewarding job opportunities are available in plenty in the Indian society. It wud be interesting to point out that it was because of the foreign exchange contributed by NRIs that India was successfully able to withstand the shock of economic embargo after the pokhran nuclear explosion. If Indians were not able to export their knowledge, the problem of unemployment wud have been aggravated with not enough job opportunities for all.

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