Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Is India on the path of Development?

India is shining with 7% GDP, SENSEX at 10684.30, Inflation at about 4.6 and foreign exchange reserves have crossed $150 billion. What an acievement! It can be seen in the indian media both electronic and print. The governement and the Indians deserve to be applauded. And that is exactly what the media is doing. The people(middle and upper class) are happy and the media is happy too. What a rosy picture!
But is the whole country rejoicing? NO!

While going through the current issue of Economic and political weekly, some facts surprised me.
In India, the prevailing poverty line is Rs 368 and Rs 559 per person per month for rural and urban areas.(Could any individual live a decent life with this money??)

Malnutrition is another problem faced by Indians.Around one in four indians are malnourished.
Presently 47% of Indian children below the age of 5 are underweight for their age.(Malnourishment hinders developmentand capacity to learn.)

Only 20% of Indians are covered by public health care.( Due to the bad condition of public hospitals, no one prefers going there even though the costs are less.)

At least one in three Indians does not get the basic daily water requirement.

Presently, about 57% of Indian households do not have electricity.( I wonder if about 10% of the ducated in India knows this fact.)

Education is a fundamental right. 71.16% of the people in the 15-19 year age group had not completed a secondary education-a 2001 survey. (Unimaginable! and what ahve the priveleged been doing about it, nothing!)

According to the article in EPW, Redefining Poverty: A new poverty line for a new India, the poverty line in India should be about Rs 840 per capita per month. "At this expenditure level nearly 69% of India's population is below the povert line which is over two and a half times the present official poverty rate of 26.1%.

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Ecoentrepreneurs said...

nice post.
and talking about literacy, in our country, u r considered a literate if u can write ur name. u dont
need anything else. i dont know, but very less number of our country are actually what should be called literate.

Ullas said...

Knowing how to read and write is what is considered literacy in most parts of the world. Remember a college degree is not what is being promised in the constitution but only the right to education. So if you know the basics of the "three Rs" then you are literate.

The literacy missions also focussed on these things only and I agree that as a first step that is what the focus should be for India. Every Indian should be able to read and write. The next step is to make everyone "educated".

Btw, only "primary" education is free for all in India.

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