Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Economics Honours

After my 12th boards i knew Economics was what i wanted to do and preferably in the best college in the country. I realised economics could never bore me and it was the most interesting and dynamic subject that i had ever learnt. So i pursued it at Loyola College, Chennai, India.
Well, there i realised that most of my class mates were there either out of compulsion from their parents or just for studying in Loyola or because they did not get B.Com. I felt weird. I was eager to meet people who were as interested in economics as me. I felt disheartened.
Here i am, after three years of my undergrad, and still enjoying economics as i have never before. Yesterday, i happened to view a programme on NDTV, we the people, about getting 90% and still not getting into economics honours at St Stephens. I was happy and sad to see that the most sought after course was economics honours. I was happy to know that the youngsters of today were so interested in economics as a subject and sad because a lot many chose it because of compulsion and because it was the sought after course.
Here, in my hometown of Kerala, the most sought after course is Medicine and Engineering. Chartered Accountancy is cathching up. But humanities are looked down upon. What a pitiable condition.
What is it that the students of this generation look for? Is it more and more money or knowledge?


aashish said...

i think i know the reason why most are interested in pursuing eco hons. the answer is that all of them want to do an MBA. everybody is attracted to the big bucks and
takes eco or in graduation thinking it might be useful.
i can gurantee u that 90% wont go for postgraduation in economics. also please note that for someone studying commerce, or eco(hons) are the first choises.

alex said...

I feel that a Bachelors in a subject are to do a masters in the same or related subjects...not to do an MBA or what ever..
What you said is true. Everyone going to earn money.Where will the students who have a real interest in the subject but have a low overall go???

Anonymous said...

I believe that this is a problem that exists in almost all the courses offered in indian institutions, how many mech engg students are willing to toil in oil and grease, i am sure most of them are dreaming of a career in some it firm, same is the case with medicine.
the soln i put forward is that every industry must have its own qualifying standards which can be assessed through exams . EG; the chartered accountants actuaries etc have to clear the exams.
So if a person who wants to become a top level manager he ll have to take up an exam and clear it ..
thus the rat race for economics might come to an end.
RIP (reply if possible)

alex said...

Well, that would be good. Medical courses are fine. Nut i would have been happy if students taking up engineering became engineers rather than going for MBA.
India lacks quality engineers. Civil engineering is one very good field and we lack quality people.
Economics, history, political science, philosophy are subjects which are very essential but they should not be chosen with a view to make more money.
An economist should be one who is willing to serve his country and people.

Ullas said...

If I ever go back to undergrad, the two degree I would like to attempt would be economics/finance and biotechnology.

There is nothing wrong in doing and MBA after Economics. But the specialization should be Macro/MicroEconomics/Finance and not the general MBA.

My congratulations and best wishes to you Alex on picking a line that you love instead of what the "community loves" - aka docs and engineers.

Anonymous said...

yes u r very right in ur observation.i myself after scoring more than 90% in plus two exams was very much sure that i wanted to pursue economics only because i like it very much but people laughed at me on my selection of sub for i gave preference to it than medicine line i.e i left medicine and law (even after my selection )for economics

Anonymous said... in grade 12 right now and am interested in pursuing economics in college

apart from loyola and st stephens could you recoomend any other colleges in india that would be good for eco hon.

also i want to do my Masters in economics from abroad....would it be wise to do my Bach. also from abroad??

your help would be appreciated

alex said...


IIT Madras has come up with an excellent integrated MA programme. Go through their site for more details.

Delhi University has quite a few good colleges under it. Check them out. Check University of Calcutta's BA Economics honours too.

All the best!

PS: I do not blog here anymore. The blog has shifted to wordpress.

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steffi said...

cud som1 plz help me in taking d right decision
d problm is dat i've done my 12th n am waiting 4 d results in science.but now i feel i can't continue any further in science so thinking of choosing frm,bbm,bsw,wat wud u suggest b'coz dis realy putting me on my nerves.plz help n tel me which has more scope n as i've not studied commerce so wud it b 2 difficult 4 me.

ANKIT said...


asin said...

hi anonymous...there is large & gr8 oppotunities after doing MA eco from DSE...., Many Big MNC likes S&P, earnest & young, Leading PVT banks & other financial instutions hire student on a very big pay scale...

divya said...

heyy all
m a 2yr student eco honrs pursuing from DU. i m still confuse wether i shud drop a year after my grad 2 prepare for entrances or not...n still cant decide wethw\er 2 go 4 MBA or MA in eco...will prepasrin 4 MA ineco help me crack mba exams 2?

n wat r d options 4 mma besides DSE n JNU?
pleasehelp... will wait 4 d reply

puneet said...

hello1 i m a stdnt of clas 12,comerce goin 4 cbse boards. can anybdy suggest me dat where shud i go eco honors as i hav an xtreme interest in eco, wat about delhi school of economics? rply plz

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

hi ..right now i have given tenth boards and im opting for commerce in eleventh.. this is bcoz i want to do eco. hons.... but there is a confusion in my mind....
i just dont know how to go about means wat really i should do after 12th..... plz im w8ing for a reply..

ankita said...

hey i m ankita
i m pursuing my gradution in economics honours from st.xaviers would be of gr8 help if u could let me know dat wat all books should i refer for appearing for my enterance for M.A. in delhi school of economics..n if u could plllzz mail me some sample add is

ankita said...

n please let me know d job placements after d completion of my masters...

Anonymous said...

hey help ho...
i hav given 10th xams n have scored 95.4%. i m very confused over a ques:what seen is people prefer to do either or eco hons and then they do mba. non-med students do and{some do} and then they too do mba...then wats the difference b/w the two.. wen u actually prefer to do mba..then wats the difference...?????? plz help!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

how much u got in tenth....???

Anonymous said...

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king said...

hi dears!
i m a 10+2 graduate student i also wish to do economics(honrs) in kanpur university because i m living in up and love to have my B.A degree from kanpur university plz could somebody tell me that does kanpur university have the same cours or not? i m waiting for ur urgent response....plz

Rashmi said...

hey..m Rashmi..just out of school and ive appeared for all engineering exams despite being simply awed by the subject-economics..I think the reason it is looked down upon is the general mindset that it is "just" a graduate course!..and engineering is a "degree" course!..i am in a limbo at the moment cause my family is not very supportive that i should be doing economics honours..securing a 90.6% in cbse XIIth,thanks to the "mindset" i might have to sacrifice with economics...Id be grateful if i could receive any help regarding this.PLEASE! email id is

Anonymous said...

hii..i jst passd out my +2 n decdg 2 get in eco hnx in kiromal collg del..can u jst tel me whtz d scope after dng economics hns...n wht cani do after it..???
it wl be very kind if u replyy...v8g 4 ur reply...

rahul said...

u can do IES or M.A. economics..

coz i am too doing eco honors....& dude it can get u big bucks.....

Anonymous said...

i think u guyz are so right in saying how ppl don't really do eco for a genuine interest in it but rather for the sheer fact that it is a good subject for doing an mba later....and so lots of ppl who actually want to do eco are left behind....

no hard feelings but, there are,also, ppl from science who come and take a seat at one of the colleges before their eng/med counselling and then when they get through in one of them they simply leave...!ha!
for instamce in my college there were as many as 10-15 students who left for eng or med.... and as a result these seats go wasted and ppl who really wanted to do eco could never get a they settle for stats and all....
you know there was this first year friend of mine who asked me abt the possibility of doing an ma in eco after her grad in stats, so is it really possible and what does one really need to do for such a plan?

kimberly sayer said...

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pedro velasquez said...

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Anonymous said...

hey..i have just passed out 12th with science stream n have decided 2 take up eco hon. from Delhi University..can u jst tel me whtz d scope after doing economics hons...n wht can i do after it..???
ur assistance will be highly appreciated,will be waiting 4 ur reply...

Anonymous said...

hey..i have just passed out 12th with science stream n have decided 2 take up eco hon. from Delhi University..can u jst tel me whtz d scope after doing economics hons...n wht can i do after it..???
ur assistance will be highly appreciated,will be waiting 4 ur id is

divya sri said...

since past 5 yrs i knew economics was what i wanted to do..that too from st stephens...this was whn i did nt evn know y....but today the answer is journalism...
and getting as high as 97%..(as required by stephens) is really tough..and i am scared to death.

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aashi said...

hey,i love ur post..m studyng in class 12th at present..n aim to pursue eco honours in future..
frm du..
i would b gratful if ny1 here cn tl me d involovement of maths in dis graduation course...
n also abt d minimum marks req to enter du fr graduation in economic honours..
i'll wait fr ur rply...
thaking you...

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Frank said...

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Abhishek said...

Hey. Would anyone know about an undergraduate Economics course at a decent college which one can get into with a low overall board Agregate ? I'm expecting high marks only in English and Economics. Maybe through an entrance test ?

-Abhishek Singhania

Aditi said...

can u plz tell the best college for economic honours in india. please reply soon

Anonymous said...

I feel that a Bachelors in a subject are to do a masters in the same or related subjects...not to do an MBA or what ever

Yesilcam Arsivleri dilber ay zafir seba serilerini

Anonymous said...

hello, I have just passed 12 class with 92.25% in best four...including Eco, maths, Eng and accounts. I have scored 97 in economics.
I want to pursue economic honours from a regular college and will also go for actuarial science from correspondence.
I want to know if the combination is right? and what are some good colleges in Delhi university in which I can get admission for Eco hons. with this percentage.

alex said...

Hi Anon,

This site has loved to .
Do post your comment there.


Maanvi said...

I am a 18 year old girl studying in Delhi. I have always been passionate about Economics which is why I wanted to do Economics after school.

I got 93% in class XII in Science stream and I haven't got admission in any college in DU.

Economics is fast becoming a fad and everyone wants to do it only because of the big bucks that you get after doing an MBA.

I feel this is a tragedy as Economics is one subject which has a lot of passion and a lot of potential to change a lot of things if pursued rightly and with the correct aim.

AKANCHHA said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
AKANCHHA said...

plz help me!!!!!!!!!
i've given my 12th boards with 90% marks and i wish to take economics for honours. bt my parents and other relatives are not conviced by the idea.they want me to go for engg. i'm quite confused. plz do help me....
my e-mail id is ""

Anonymous said...

hey i have passed my 12th boards exam in science stream with 94% marks n hav taken the admission in kirorimal college...delhi university...i am extremely intrested in doin economics..however my parents want me to persue engg frm ip bein a professional course..moreover it is said dat engineers are given preference in it true??please help me out as soon as email id is for an early reply

soaham said...

is eco(hons)from stb khalsa collegedu good??reply pleeez

frank khalid said...

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Elliott Broidy said...

I hope you are still going on to pursue your dreams in life.

Anonymous said...

hi i am in 12th grade n i want to pursue my career in economics.. i have applied for ba in eco,politics,n sociology in christ university .... kindlyy could u'll help me out n tell me whether this course is apt for my economics career ?? it pleasee help me out

Anonymous said...

Which are best colleges for pursuing Economics hon. Please suggest all in INDIA.

Anonymous said...

hey im a 12th graduate and i want to do eco hons. can you please tell me some respectable career options thereafter for which i can go? please HHHHEEELLLPPPP!

Timothy Brown said...

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