Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Language constraint

I have always wondered why the so called 'trickle down effect' seems to have a very small effect or actually no effect at all in India.
I understand that for all development process, it is essential that the needs be communicated from the have-nots to the government but this communication is not taking place mainly due to what i call the Language Constraint.
What is this language constraint? India is a nation comprising diverse languages and cultures. This diversity seems to have a negative impact on the economic growth and development. It is only during the 1990's , due to Globalizaton that people understood the need for English-the language of the world economy! But after this, the orignal language of the masses tend not to be learnt; as the populace feels, it does not help them in their future. This language has divided and subdivided the Indian Economy into many bits and pieces which otherwise could have been a boon for the economy as a whole and it could have enjoyed the economies of scale.
For example, the US has got Hollywood but India has Bollywood, Kollywood and so on and so forth. This is a strain on the resources.
I am looking for more literature on Income Inequalities and other inequalities. Will write more on it once i get more ideas.


Anonymous said...

just stumbled on ur blog thru google...

related to a previous blog..

do u think ISI is a better institute for a PG in eco than DSE?

and do u have any idea where one can get question papers for DSE entrance exam... for engineers..

please dont say 'DU'.. cos i m in chennai... :)


alex said...

To do further studies in economics, ISI is definitely better as it is more mathematical oriented. But to get through their entrance you need to know math at the undergrad level.

And sorry you get the DSE questions only at DU.
And where did you do your studies?

Anonymous said...


i think i disagree wth u on ur point that a mathematical orientation offers a better scope for higher studies in economics..

eco is a field that covers a wide variety of areas.. but i am not in for an argument..

any idea if we would get a sample question paper or sumtin of that sort with the application?

abt me... i am one of those poor REC engineers lost in software trying earnestly to break away from the MBA cycle... :)

alex said...

Well to get into a good doctoral course in economics either in the US or UK , you need a very strong mathematical base. People who have done their masters in math can get in easily than those who have done their masters in economics.
But at the same time, yes, the economic history and other theoretical topics need to be learnt as well.
Math is a tool used widely for understanding and analysing economics.

Anonymous said...

hi alex im afirst yr studnt of BA HONS ECO. nd i jst saw ur blog i jst wnt 2 knw dat knwldge of a foregn language is of any hlp in field like eco. plz do tll me thnks

alex said...

To my knowledge, you dont need to know a foreign language lke french or so unless you plan to go there to do your future studies.
English is sufficient. Where are you pursuing your undergrad?

Anonymous said...

Language barrier is a stark reality. There is no other option other than finding a way around it.
Instead of considering it as a menace why not consider it as a boon in disguise..
My point is that it can be used efficiently to promote decentralisation thus paving way for parity among the various groups.
You must not ignore the fact that there is a high level of income disparity in the united states and even in russia. ..

alex said...

Well, what is happening in India is that students opt to learn english rather then their native language...why is that? Companies are looking for those who are well versed in english.
Yes like you said it can be considered as a boon provided adequate importance is given to regional languages.
Recently the karnataka govt has decided to introduce kannada from class one onwards.
That is a welcoming step.

nobel winner 2042 said...

hi alex,
was desperately searching for DSchool info whe i stumbled upon ur blog. now my question is where can i find entrance papers for the DSE Entrance? I live in Nagpur so can you please tell me apart from going tot he d'school library, where else i can source these papers online or something? i'm an engineer with MTech but eco is my future, i know it.
please mail me at

Anonymous said...

hi i am sayali i am doin my FYbSC i want to do my masters from igidr can you tell me some books i cud refer and do i have 2 start preparin from now

sarmistha banerjee said...

this is sarmistha from west a student of 1st yr,eco hons....thank u 4 all the infos.plz let mekno,how would i prepare myself 4 the pg entrances of jnu n dse....

alex said...

Please visit for information.