Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Final year

I have only got a year left for my graduation. This semester we are being taught the following papers
1) Mathematical economics
2) Managerial economics
3) International economics
4) Fiscal economics
5) Monetary economics
6) Indian economics
At last i am so glad because i will have to study economics only. Lately there have been no posts owing to my lack of time to visit the web. I had been very busy as i was house hunting. I will get a house only on the first of the coming month.
I will do some economics posting only after i move into my new flat. I am planning to post on Behavioral economics and, the mobility of labour.


alex said...

I have yet to do my reading on Behavioral economics. It is to maje the reader aware of the concept and its significance in economics. Please could you share your study with me.

ADmin said...

In the end they discover a model answer and evaluating this site framework that all the graders can utilization.