Friday, May 20, 2005

Recommended books

For an undergraduate and for those weak in Math in their masters can do their study with the following text books
1) Fundamentals Of Mathematical Economics BY Alpha C Chiang
2) Introduction To Mathematical Economics BY Edward T Dowling IN Schaum's series
They both form a very good combination. Schaum's series is amazing.I just got my personal copy of the 2nd book.
I am doing my reading on Mathematical Economics now.Very soon i will come up with a blog ranking the top 5 universities/institutions in UK, USA and India in economics


Anonymous said...

the condition of the laboures in andra pradesh can be contributed to various factors levels
2.government policies
3.agricultural climate prevailing
4.regional imbalance

-the education level is dismally poor as compared to that of kerala
which is abt 98%,the fact is when people are not properly educated they are not of what wages 2 ask for,the concept of disposable income is nt understood in kerala know what to ask for they are empowered unlike the ap people

-the govt policies untill now didnt support the agrarian sector,there was too much importance given 2 the service while the service industry grew the agri sector performed dismally

-the climate of A.P doesnt suit cultivation of cash crops where as in kerala rubber cashews n spices are a major source of income n they are commercially grown plantations are owned.the only crop cotton is not giving yield which makes them a commercially viable crop,there are not many bords that support the cause o agriculture there(e.g. rubber board ,cashew board etc)

-in states like andhra n maharashtra there is a strong regional imbalance which creaes a strong disequillibrium.the govt focusses mainly on the urban areas

alex said...

Thank you. Please post your comments and questions in my new blog @